The technical application and production technology of communication tower are introduced
The full name for radio communication applications and communications tower. Used as an antenna support or itself as a transmitter, belonging to a type of signal tower, also called a signal tower or signal tower, that supports signal transmission and provides support for a signal transmitting antenna. Its support is mostly steel layout space truss system. Applications for mobile/unicom/transportation satellite positioning system (GPS) and other communication departments. Communication tower skills application: radio broadcasting, communication, navigation and other aspects of the accepted band has long wave, medium wave, short wave. The radio tower mast layout of various bands can be divided into two categories: support and transmitter. The support is used to suspend the antenna wire network, and the emitter uses the mast arrangement itself as the antenna to transmit radio waves. VHF is widely used in public security, traffic police, fire protection, water conservancy, power supply, military and civil aviation regulation and other professional communication field plays a key role. Such as: "350" trillion public security "110" command system; "350 MB" traffic police road command and communication system; "350 MB" public security fire control command system; Government Water Resources Flood Control and Drought Relief Command System; Electrical industry regulation system; Mobile and Unicom communication systems have brought great convenience to people's survival, so radio communication (communication) is inseparable from various industries in the contemporary society. Communication tower production process: communication tower is composed of tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support and other steel components, and after the hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment punishment, used for microwave, ultra-short wave, wireless network signal transmission and transmission. In order to ensure the normal operation of the wireless communication system, the communication antenna is usually arranged to the high point to increase the service radius, in order to reach the ideal communication results.