Forest fire control tower construction scheme

Monitoring tower plays an important role in forest fire detection and can report forest fire alarm in time. The duty tower can be used as a tourist attraction for the personnel on duty to observe and watch, and the monitoring camera is installed. It covers a small area, saves land resources, is convenient for site selection and the weight of the tower is light, the transportation and installation are convenient, the construction period is short and the cost is low, and the structure is safe.
(a), dust cleaning, rust removal
1, from the top to the bottom of the unified dust, will be more ash collection and treatment, so as not to cause secondary dust turbidity; Water flushing is adopted for this cleaning.
2, there are oil muddy components, with gasoline and other cleaning agents clean (with a cloth to wash).
3. Remove rust completely with the derusting object. Derusting should be over the range of 10cm at the rust erosion place, category SA1.
4, important corrosion parts, should be expanded to 20cm limit, grade SA2.
5, rust free parts, in the ash cleaning at the same time, with sandpaper or steel wire brush and other objects, clearing the surface, in order to increase the adhesion of the new paint.
6, in order to remove the dust and dust on the surface of concrete cleaning effect, improve the efficiency and effect of work, adopt the pace of the combination of machine brush and artificial steel brush, the concrete surface liquidation; The mechanical brush power supply is connected to the maintenance power box on the ground. The wire is connected by a professional electrician and the insulation measures at the joint are checked after each intersecting shift.
7. For the metal parts that pass rust removal on the same day, they should be primed daily to prevent the second rust return overnight.
(two), brush paint
1. Before painting, all the varieties, machines, specifications and colors of paint should be in line with the provisions of starting work, and according to each person's own starting notes of paint, pick the appropriate painting tools.
2, two-component paint, according to the requirements of the copy of the average mix, and the limited curing time, timely use.
3, rainy days, the above is not dry, or the construction of the weather conditions have not reached the paint varieties comply with the environment, can not be painted.
4. The painting procedure should follow the procedure from top to bottom and from inside to outside to strictly control the secondary pollution.
5, after rust passing parts, put forward specific wishes or conditions within 4-6 hours of primer, before the paint is finished, and the paint should be dry time, to paint.
6, before painting the final paint, should carefully check whether there is a paint film loss, if there is damage, should be in accordance with the original order and put forward specific wishes or conditions for the coating, coating, then all the coating.
7, clean up the painting process, should be painted on average, no penetration refers to the extreme, no leakage brush, no flow hanging, no wrinkle skin and other phenomena do not conform to the paint specification.