Advantages of microwave communication towers

Microwave communication tower is characterized by large communication capacity, compared with other wired communication, can save a lot of non-ferrous metals, configuration period is short, large mobility, can be used in mountain water surface and large terrain, and save investment; Microwave tower components must have good longevity, its anti-corrosion treatment punishment with hot dip zinc results are good, as usual can be used for more than 20 years; Microwave tower tower is an autonomous layout, the plane shape of the tower has trigonal, quadrilateral, polygon, microwave tower tower belly bar system can be divided into two categories, staggered belly bar system and K-shaped belly bar system. Now we can probably occupy a place in the international market is still the cost advantage, rather than manufacturing skills advantage.

In the future, if our tower products compete for market share in the international market, it will depend on our innovation and improvement in planning and processing technology in addition to the cost. Contemporary communications tower is dealt with, by contrast, the purpose of company is it carefully set all aspects of people's enthusiasm, to reach the company's intention to take a variety of communications tower, path, enrich our staff's subjective initiative, on the premise of clear job category and job confound, set by the workers themselves and decoration together out of a certain period of time to finished homework and pace as a result, To the end around the established purpose of efforts, and in the process of this effort constantly held self-inspection, timely invention of mistakes, but backward line regulation and supervision.